no more dream - danger (x)

Hello this is EXO’s leader Suho. Since I don’t have my own personal sns account I used Sehun’s instagram. First it’s an honor to join this great campaign that is the ice bucket challenge thanks to close friends, Kwanghee hyung and Eddy Kim. Since I was tagged by two people, I did the challenge twice and donated $200. The next people I nominate are EXO’s Sehun, Boa sunbaenim and actor Byun Yohan. Thank you.

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jungkook // danger

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Aaron’s 2014 Mini Albums | Drama 領銜主演 : D R A M A // C U T

[一刀不剪 No Cut // Dance Vers.] Official Music Video feat. Puff Kuo (released 08/20)


Aaron’s 2014 Mini Albums | Drama 領銜主演 : D R A M A // C U T

一刀不剪 No Cut // Dance Vers. {MV} aaron’s rap ◆gifs by dearaaronyan

45 of 100 Random Graphic

BTS D&W Jacket Shooting

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by Morticia’s Shop

if anyone puts that goddamn meme on this post i’m reporting them. you know the one.


in which dongwoon’s hair gets caught in the window

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yixing appreciation ♥

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d i e  j u n g s;

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